TRI-MATIC assembly makes perfect cooling of the machines possible thanks to optimum water flow

For Willemin-Macodel's state-of-the-art machining centres, TRI-MATIC has developed an assembly to ensure perfect cooling of the machines thanks to the optimal flow of water.

Willemin-Macodel is a leading provider of custom machining and robotisation solutions for high value, complex and high precision parts. They have been developing innovative machines, solutions and services for 45 years. Their service is individual - from the first feasibility studies to the support of the machining centres during their life cycle.

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Initial situation/Challenges for the customer

After building a new production hall, Willemin-Macodel had to connect its machines to the cooling water network. The technicians operate this connection regularly. Therefore, the assembly must be both light and easy to dismantle. We had to achieve a minimum flow rate with the lowest possible pressure loss, as the length of the pipes is about 6 metres.

Willemin-Macodel's procedure must be followed, as the system must be easily flushed before filling the machine. If necessary, Willemin-Macodel wants to completely empty the circuit with compressed air via a quick coupling during disassembly. In addition, the customer wanted to use high-quality hoses that have a certain flexibility, as they are subject to a lot of wear over time.

In future, Willemin-Macodel wants to work with a single partner who offers a complete solution from design to construction for perfect cooling of the machines.


For the state-of-the-art machining centres, TRI-MATIC has integrated strong and flexible hoses with a diameter of DN32 for minimum pressure loss and the 3-way valves made of stainless steel. This allows the various parts connected to the machine to be switched and disconnected as required by the technicians. Thanks to this assembly, the system can be easily flushed and completely drained with compressed air via the quick coupling during disassembly. TRI-MATIC offers a solution that is precisely tailored to Willemin-Macodel's needs.


Willemin Macodel has since ordered 20 assemblies and connected them to the machines. The assembly ensures perfect cooling of the various machine components thanks to the optimal water flow. For Mr Denis Cattin, one thing is certain: "With TRI-MATIC, we have a first-class partner, because the understanding and support throughout the project have been very pleasant and professional. We always feel well accompanied and understood."