Butterfly valves pneumatic

Butterfly valves: Pneumatic, efficient and reliable.


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Butterfly valves pneumatic

Butterfly valves: Pneumatic, efficient and reliable

TRI-MATIC butterfly valves with a built-on pneumatic actuator can be controlled and operated remotely with compressed air. Depending on the design of the rotary actuator, this is done either single-acting or double-acting. With single-acting rotary actuators, the damper valve closes or opens automatically after the control compressed air is interrupted. These single-acting pneumatic butterfly valves open or close safely and reliably even in the event of power or system failures. Double-acting rotary actuators require compressed air to open and close the butterfly valve.

Many different applications in the water and wastewater sector or in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries can be implemented with butterfly valves. They work efficiently and reliably in simple and demanding processes and are largely independent of temperature and ambient conditions.

Butterfly valves can be combined with intelligent electro-pneumatic positioners as accessories and thus used as control or metering valves. The speed of the pneumatic actuator can be continuously controlled with throttle valves. In addition to positioners and throttle valves, TRI-MATIC has Namur solenoid valves, TRI-Namur accessories or TRI-SWITCH boxes for controlling and monitoring pneumatic ball valves in its range of accessories. In aggressive environments, PTFE-coated or completely stainless steel pneumatic actuators are available. Even for the pneumatic connection of the rotary actuators, we are happy to supply screw fittings and pneumatic hoses in various designs and materials.

TRI-MATIC offers you technical solutions with pneumatic butterfly valves that will inspire you for a long time. Contact us by phone on +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or write to us at info@tri-matic.ch for comprehensive advice from our experts.

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