Fast, precise and inexpensive: pneumatics for automation technology

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Fast, precise and inexpensive: pneumatics for automation technology

The word pneumatics comes from the Greek and means wind or breath. Today, the term pneumatics is used for compressed air in technology to carry out movement processes on machines and systems. With relatively little effort, pneumatics controls fast, even and precise movements in automation technology. Pneumatic components include control valves, pressure regulators and pressure maintenance units, cylinders, screw fittings and logic elements.

Neither temperature fluctuations, shock loads, vibrations nor dirt affect the function of pneumatic systems. Pneumatic control systems are inexpensive compared to hydraulic systems, since a compressed air network is available in many companies and no return of the air is necessary after actuating the working element. A great advantage of pneumatics is the high flow velocity of the air with 10-15m/s. This allows very high cylinder speeds to be achieved.

Pneumatic components are often used in mechanical engineering on machine tools or printing and paper machines, in the process engineering and chemical industries, in food production, water supply, agriculture and forestry or in plants in the wood and furniture industries. Pneumatics is also used in potentially explosive atmospheres because the medium air does not generally increase potential hazards.

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