IO-Link sensors

IO-Link sensors for system control.


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IO-Link sensors for system control

IO-Link sensors for system control

IO-Link was launched at the beginning of 2000 by a consortium of large sensor manufacturers. The aim was to find a solution so that communication between sensors and actuators would be bi-directional, digital and continuous. This should make it possible to configure and diagnose these devices during operation.

For more than 10 years, IO-Link has been a fixed standard according to IEC 61131-9. This has the advantage that products from different manufacturers can communicate with each other without any problems. Machine builders and plant operators can thus realise IO concepts without investment risks, compatibility issues or dependencies on manufacturers.

IO-Link components are connected via the IO-Link master to bus systems such as fieldbus, Profinet, Modbus or via Ethernet to the corresponding system control. In addition to IO-Link sensors and actuators, conventional binary sensors and binary actuators can also be connected to the IO-Link system.

The advantages with the standardised IO technology are obvious:

  • Devices are interchangeable, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Remote access, parameterisation and diagnosis are possible during operation.
  • Measured values are transmitted interference-free without loss through signal conversion.
  • Devices are automatically parameterised during commissioning or when replaced due to a defect.
  • IO-Link components are cheaper to purchase and install than conventional devices.

TRI-MATIC supports machine builders and plant operators in the new design of IO-Link automation systems and in the expansion of existing systems. In addition to position indicators, TRI-MATIC offers IO-Link solutions for pressure transmitters, digital pressure switches, flow meters and EB80 valve terminals for pneumatics.

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