What does TRI-MATIC stand for?

The customer is at the centre of our thoughts and actions. In doing so, we want to exceed expectations. Customer satisfaction determines our success. We are not satisfied with the average and want to amaze our customers. We create value with quality products and outstanding services. In this way, we help our customers achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

Achieving our goals requires motivated, qualified and satisfied employees. This is the source of our success. Our corporate culture is characterised by open dialogue and mutual respect. This is how we create space for the implementation of new, creative ideas.

What guides us?

It is our daily incentive to recognise the expressed and unexpressed needs of our customers. We want to understand what you do and in which of your applications we can support you. With this deep and genuine interest, we provide sustainable value. We understand.

Founded in 1991, TRI-MATIC has grown steadily thanks to deep customer relationships, long-serving employees, partner-like suppliers and a constant willingness to invest. Today we hold a strong market position in the field of assemblies and components for fluid technology in industrial automation. Our two locations in Hünenberg and Yverdon-les-Bains guarantee efficient market coverage.

We regard quality as a permanent task. Responsible, critical action, process-oriented procedures and continuous improvements ensure high quality and thus customer satisfaction. With an actively practised ISO 9001 organisational management system, we monitor our high-quality standards and continuously optimise our processes.

Our respective goals are ambitious and this is how we secure our company in the long term. To achieve this, we need qualitative growth and a profitable result. Great importance is attached to a high degree of self-financing.

What do we do?

We can only meet our customers' demands and increase our performance with continuous training. We cultivate our positive working environment, which makes our performance possible in the first place. The basis for this is open communication at eye level and respect for the performance of others. Occupational safety is important to TRI-MATIC. We ensure the highest possible level of occupational safety and review this regularly. Our suppliers and external service providers are partners. We place the same quality demands on them as we do on ourselves.

To the mission