Pneumatic automation

Pneumatic valve automation and its advantages.

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Pneumatic valve automation

Pneumatic valve automation and its advantages

Pneumatic automation is used in many industrial plants and branches of industry: in mechanical and plant engineering, in the chemical industry, in the manufacturing and packaging industry and in the entire food industry.

Where fast and precise movements are required, pneumatic automation is the right choice. For example, when valves, flaps and ball valves are actuated or when conveyor belts, robots and assembly lines are driven.

Pneumatic ball valves at a glance

Pneumatic butterfly valves at a glance

Filter by drive type and operation and get your desired pneumatic ball valves or butterfly valves.

Compressed air technology offers many advantages from which you can also benefit:

  • simple integration into existing systems,
  • simple control and regulation,
  • high flexibility when adapting to different production requirements,
  • high reliability,
  • possibility to realise lightweight and compact systems,
  • cost-efficient purchase and maintenance.

Applicable everywhere: Compressed air is available in almost all industrial plants and can be used directly for pneumatic applications. Where electrical energy is not available, shut-off elements, control fittings and valves can be controlled economically and safely.

For small and big: Regardless of whether the compressed air is to be controlled individually or integrated into a large plant over long distances or into an existing process, compressed air can be easily transported and distributed. With the complete TRI automation program many different processes can be automated and controlled.

Safe, reliable and clean: Whether heat, cold or large temperature fluctuations, pneumatic drives work reliably regardless of the temperature. Even in the event of a power or system failure, valves with single-acting rotary actuators can close or open automatically.

If a line or device leaks, the compressed air system still operates safely and fully functional. An additional benefit when compressed air is used: In the event of leaking lines, neither oil drops nor other liquids will leak out.

For liquids or solids: The various intelligent electro-pneumatic positioners TRI-Positioner - based on the TRI valves - make the control and dosing of liquids or solids possible.

Continuously adjustable: The force and speed for linear and rotating drives can be progressively adjusted with compressed air. Whatever you desire: Whether it is a fast or controlled drive of valves, the TRI components cover all your needs completely.

You too can benefit from the many advantages of pneumatics. Benefit from the wide TRI range of pneumatic drives, ball valves and valves.

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