Digital pressure gauges

Digital pressure gauges for high-precision, fast pressure indication.


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Digital pressure gauges

Digital pressure gauges for high-precision, fast pressure indication

In addition to mechanical pressure measurement with bourdon tube, diaphragm or capsule pressure gauges, there is also electronic pressure measurement with digital pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. Digital pressure gauges measure all important types of pressure highly precisely and quickly, even in unfavourable ambient conditions or in hard-to-reach places.

A sensor is required for electronic or digital pressure measurement. The sensor picks up the pressure and converts it into an electronic signal which is transferred on the LED or LCD display integrated in the device. Various designs and versions in the form of a pressure transmitter or differential pressure transmitter are used.

Electronic pressure measurement can be realised with digital pressure gauges - also called digital manometers - and sensors with digital display. Digital pressure gauges are particularly suitable for stationary and mobile measurement of pressures. Thanks to the high accuracy and good readability in the integrated LCD or LED display, the pressure-relevant system can be easily checked or calibrated.

For the sensors with digital display, the measured value can be further evaluated as an analogue signal (0-10V, 4...20mA) in addition to the pressure display. Optionally, up to 2 switching points can be programmed. This means that, in addition to displaying the measured value, it is possible to continue to use the sensor measured values or to control relays or alarms with the switching points.

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