Ball valves pneumatic

Ball valves: Pneumatic, safe and flexible.


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Ball valves: Pneumatic, safe and flexible

Ball valves: Pneumatic, safe and flexible

Ball valves are used in many applications in machine and plant construction and in the process industry. A drilled ball serves as a blocking body and the flow is enabled or prevented by means of a 90° rotation.

In addition to manual or electrical operation, ball valves can also be automated pneumatically. Compressed air is available in almost all industrial plants and is used directly for pneumatic applications. Wherever electrical power is not available, ball valves can be operated easily and cost-effectively.

Ball valves with pneumatic rotary actuators work reliably and efficiently in simple and demanding processes, regardless of the temperature and ambient conditions. Valves with single-acting pneumatic rotary actuators close or open reliably even in the event of power or system failure.

Intelligent electro-pneumatic positioners can be combined with the valves as accessories. In this way, they can be used as control or metering valves. The speed of the pneumatic actuator can be continuously controlled with throttle valves. In addition to positioners and throttle valves, TRI-MATIC has Namur solenoid valves, TRI-Namur accessories or TRI-SWITCH boxes for controlling pneumatic ball valves in its range of accessories. In aggressive environments, PTFE-coated or completely stainless steel pneumatic actuators are available. Even for the pneumatic connection of the rotary actuators, we are happy to supply screw fittings and pneumatic hoses in various designs and materials.

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