The challenges for the machine and apparatus manufacturers are great today: The machines and apparatuses must not only be maintained, but also adapted to the new technologies again and again.

With our durable and resistant products in the areas of valves, automation, pressure measurements and...more »

Solenoid valves have become indispensable in process control. Whether for compressed air or liquids, for shutting off, draining or diverting, your processes can be switched quickly and reliably with solenoid valves.

The robust solenoid valves are 2/2-way or multi-port valves with open and close...more »

Jost Vetter, Project & Account Manager at TRI-MATIC since 1 March 2021, answers seven questions about his first four months at TRI-MATIC. Find out more about one of our employees who has daily contact with our customers and interested parties in German-speaking Switzerland and visits them on...more »

With TRI-MATIC a reliable partner at your side

Initial situation/challenge for the customer

To drive the snow lances, Bächler Top Track AG needs an electric motor from a competent contact partner who is actively involved in finding the ideal solution. It is important for Bächler Top Track AG...more »

Longer and flawless service life of filtration systems thanks to customised assemblies

Initial situation/challenge for the customer

To size, validate and select process equipment for filtration processes, laboratory and pilot tests are indispensable bench tools. Complete tests must be carried...more »

[Translate to English:] Unterwegs bei Kunden: Wie TRI-MATIC die DrM, Dr. Mueller AG unterstützt

The assemblies and their functions are very diverse and range from simple automations and assemblies to fully integrated solutions. One of the assemblies is a distributor for the control of a powder coating system.


For the control of a powder coating system, many pneumatic lines are...more »

Valves and shut-off devices in plants and plant components can be automated using electric rotary actuators. Regulation and control are thus possible at any time and over long distances.With the electrical automation of butterfly valves and ball valves, the valve can be blocked by solids or...more »

Electrical automation is more important than ever in plants for filling, production or distribution in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries or in cooling and heating technology.Processes can be precisely and easily controlled, monitored and automated day and night with electrically...more »

Solutions for pressure and temperature measurement technology for demanding automation tasksWhether for filling lines in the food, beverage, medical or chemical industry: pressure transmitters and temperature sensors have become an integral part of the control system. Whether for measuring...more »

Eufemia Rust, Leader In-Line Assembly, and her team are responsible for the assembly and testing of the pressure reducing valves for oxygen OxyReg which are essential for the construction of ventilators. Find out what she likes best about her job - especially in Covid-19 times. Get to know the...more »

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