Recently Quoc Hoa Nguyen, Account Manager at TRI-MATIC in Hünenberg, was in the TRI-interview. Find out more about one of our employees who you can experience every day by telephone contact. And also how to correctly pronounce his first name and surname:-).1. When did you join TRI-MATIC?I am not...more »

Since 1956 the formula 1 inch = 25.4 mm has been in force. Back then, the mass referred to the inner diameter. A pipe thread with 1 inch had a width of 25.4 mm which resulted in an outside diameter of approximately 33 mm for the steel quality of that time. These were the masses used for...more »

Pneumatics is used in many industrial plants. Compressed air technology offers many advantages that you should also take advantage of.

Applicable everywhere:

Compressed air is available in almost all industrial plants and can be used directly for pneumatic applications. Where electrical energy...more »

Michael Bucher, Head of Projects & Assembly at TRI-MATIC, answers seven questions about TRI-MATIC, the work and successes. Get to know the TRI employees and TRI-MATIC more personally as well!

1.    Michael, how long have you been with TRI-MATIC?

I have been happy at...more »

The battery-operated digital pressure gauge TRI-DIGITAL GAUGE makes it possible.It has a low-cost pressure display with an illuminated display which switches off auto-matically after 30 seconds. This gauge is ideal for neutral gases on air maintenance or in compressed air lines where the...more »

Our inline pre-set pressure regulators are a the ideal solutions for pneumatic power tools.The light weight and compact products reduce the pressure at the tool increasing the tools life

See Video on YouTube >>more »

On Future Day 2019, thousands of girls and boys enthusiastically accompanied their parents to work or took part in exciting special projects.

Also at the TRI-MATIC 2 youths looked in...

The day in the field service with dad Christophe in the CH West and in the Hünenberg forwarding agency with...more »

Watch our new ToolReg® Video in a Nailgun application and see first hand the secondary pressure relief in action on a Nailgun.

The Video can be viewed on our YouTube Channel >>more »

Our EcoReg® pressure reducer for drinking water and other liquids is NSF 61 & NSF 169 certified.

The use of lead-free materials is becoming increasingly important for drinking water applications such as water dispensers, coffee machines, steamer ovens and many more with high health...more »

When system safety counts! 

Did you know that pneumatic rotary actuators can also be controlled and aligned using an electrical input signal? Either mounted on a ball valve or a flap — we've got it under control!

The new TRI-Positioner generation enhances our extensive pneumatic...more »

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