Hydraulic pressure gauges

Robust hydraulic pressure gauges offer high safety.


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Hydraulic pressure gauges
Hydraulic pressure gauges

Robust hydraulic pressure gauges offer high safety

In hydraulics, fluids are used to transmit power. This is usually hydraulic oil. Hydraulics also includes hydraulic systems such as heating systems, hydroelectric power plants and pipe systems for liquids. In contrast to pneumatics, the pressures in hydraulics are much higher. Pulsations and strong pressure surges are possible because liquids cannot be compressed like gases.

To measure the pressures in hydraulic systems or in water and heating pipes, mechanical pressure gauges with liquid filling or axle damping are used. The liquid filling or axle damping dampens suddenly occurring pressure peaks and protects the measuring mechanics from damage due to vibrations. With unfilled or undamped pressure gauges, the pointer flutters in the event of strong oscillations or vibrations in the system. This is different with pressure gauges with damping. In case of strong vibrations, the readability of the pointer is ensured thanks to the axle damping or glycerine filling of the housing.

Hydraulic pressure gauges are essential for the operation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems are checked with the help of the measured values of hydraulic pressure gauges. They are enormously important for the safety and function of the system.

TRI-MATIC hydraulic pressure gauges are available in nominal sizes from 40mm to 100mm and with pressure ranges from -1 bar to 1000 bar. The stainless steel housings of the hydraulic pressure gauges are filled with glycerine as standard. However, they can also be supplied with liquid-free axle dampened or dry. Different connection sizes, connection positions such as rear or bottom and customised dials are available.

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