Pneumatic valves

Realise large control units with pneumatic valves

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Realise large control units with pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valves control or interrupt the flow of gases or liquids that pass through them. Thanks to pneumatic valves, simple to very complex applications can be realised and controlled in pneumatic plant construction. Directional control valves are used as actuators, processing elements or input elements.

The cost-effective and compact pneumatic valves are available either as individual components or as valve islands with several combined pneumatic valves. For example, the modular EB80 valve terminal simultaneously controls up to 38 multi-pole valves or 128 valves with fieldbus. Using the signal modules, up to 40 separate EB80 valve terminals can be linked to form one large control unit.

The pneumatic valves are available in many variants, nominal sizes and functions, also for applications in hazardous areas according to ATEX. They can be operated pneumatically, electrically or conventionally by hand.

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