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Pneumatic connection technology: Push-in in no time at all

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Pneumatic connection technology: Push-in in no time at all

In order to connect lines or hoses securely and reduce the risk of air leakage to almost zero, elements of pneumatic connection technology are used. In a simple way - in the twinkling of an eye, so to speak - individual pneumatic components are connected to the desired hoses or lines in the overall system.

Pneumatic connection technology is divided into plug-in connectors and threaded fittings. All connecting elements are available in various configurations. The high-quality push-in fittings have a corrosion-resistant stainless steel clamping spring. The specially shaped clamping spring holds the tube firmly without scratching or deforming it. Just a little pressure on the release sleeve is enough to open the clamping spring and easily release the hose. In the threaded fittings, the release sleeve is equipped with patented screwdriver slots to make it easier to release lines that are not accessible with your fingers.

TRI-MATIC offers a wide range of brass threaded fittings with a strength of up to 60 bar pressure. In addition to the standard products, TRI-MATIC also offers special versions with different materials for your application.

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