Pressure Switches

TRI-SWITCH MINI pressure switches are reasonably priced mechanical switches that are operated by changes in the pressure of a gaseous or liquid medium, e.g. air, water or hydraulic oil.

FEMA pressure switches comply with the criteria for SIL stage 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) as per IEC 61508-2. As a result they stand for functional safety and ensure that the equipment works safely when combined with other safety-related components, such as actuators and control units. FEMA pressure switches adjust pressure and temperature measuring systems to cope with the most varied application situations owing to their wide range of additional functions and appropriate diaphragm seals.

Ashcroft supplies pressure switches for the chemical and petrochemical industry, for machine and plant construction, the food and drink industry and for the plastic and paper industry.

TRI-SWITCH MINI Pressure Switches


Small pressure switch, brass housing (NC / NO)


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Pressure switch mini body in aluminium or brass
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Pressure switch mini body in stainless steel
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