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Reliable switching behaviour and excellent repeatability thanks to pressure switches

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Reliable switching behaviour and excellent repeatability thanks to pressure switches

A pressure switch opens or closes a switching contact as soon as a preset pressure is reached. Depending on the requirements, pressure switches with mechanical or electrical switching contacts, with or without display and various setting options are used.

Mechanical pressure switches actuate the switching contact when the pressure exceeds or falls below the set limit value in the process. Pressure switches have no local display, no analogue output signal and do not require a power supply. They are suitable for monitoring pressure chambers, vessel levels, line sections and compressors. These simple devices stand for excellent repeatability and reliable switching behaviour. In many cases, pressure switches are also used as safety-relevant components.

TRI-MATIC's pressure switch product range includes measuring ranges from -15...0.5 mbar to 0...600 bar, factory pre-set or user selectable switching points and repeatability of up to 1 %.

Pressure switches are robust components for a wide range of industrial and process engineering processes, also in Ex versions for potentially explosive atmospheres. SIL-tested pressure switches without power supply are also used in safety-critical applications. Together with diaphragm seals, pressure switches are used in hygienic areas in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

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