2-way valves

Large variety of 2-way valves.


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2-way valves
2-way valves

Large variety of 2-way valves

2-way valves are valves with two connections and are used in fluid technology to control the flow of the working medium or to shut it off as an on/off valve. The closing part controls the flow of the medium and interrupts or opens the flow.

The 2-way valves differ in design, construction of the control element, size of the connections and type of actuation. In terms of design, we usually use the globe valve and the angle seat valve. The closing part - or also called the control element - consists of a disc, cone, slide or needle. 2-way valves are operated manually with a handwheel, electrically or pneumatically with a rotary actuator and electromagnetically with solenoid valves.

Externally controlled 2-way valves are actuated by a separate medium. The actuator control chamber is separated from the main medium. They are ideal for controlling gaseous, viscous, contaminated or aggressive media. The externally controlled 2-way valves include coaxial valves and pinch valves, which are used in systems with high switching frequencies and fast opening and closing times.

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