About us

With its Swiss locations in Hünenberg and Yverdon-les-Bains, TRI-MATIC has been an efficient supplier of assemblies and components in fluid technology for industrial automation since 1991. As a family business with a team of 30 employees, customer benefit and employee satisfaction are our top priorities.

we understand …
is more than just a motto or a slogan for us. It is a daily incentive for us to detect our customers' spoken and unspoken requirements. We want to understand what our customers do and for which applications we can support them. It's only with this deep, genuine interest that we can offer long-lasting benefits.

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We make the difference

Hagos Zemenfes, Assembly

Hagos Zemenfes

Christophe Aebi, Sales West, Project & Account Manager

Christophe Aebi
Project & Account Manager

Stefan Aeschbach, IT / ERP

Stefan Aeschbach

Rolf Amrein, Assembly

Rolf Amrein

Jan Bachmann, Product & Export Manager

Jan Bachmann
Product & Export Manager

Jan Bonitz, Assembly

Jan Bonitz

Heinz Bucher, Dispatch

Heinz Bucher

Michael Bucher, Head of Projects & Assembly

Michael Bucher
Head of Projects & Assembly

Lidia Caparelli, In-Line Assembly

Lidia Caparelli
In-Line Assembly

Anna Maria Capparelli, In-Line Assembly

Anna Maria Capparelli
In-Line Assembly

Davide Casiello, Product & Sales Manager Protect-Air

Davide Casiello
Product & Sales Manager Protect-Air

Patrizia Damiano, Administration

Patrizia Damiano

Jimmy Frey, Office Manager & Key Account

Jimmy Frey
Office Manager & Key Account

André Gut, Head of Backoffice & Processes

André Gut
Head of Backoffice & Processes

Sascha Heder, Assembly

Sascha Heder

Sepp Henseler, Head of Engineering

Sepp Henseler
Head of Engineering

Fabian Hörnlimann, Project & Account Manager

Fabian Hörnlimann
Project & Account Manager

Manuel Hostettler, Account Manager

Manuel Hostettler
Account Manager

Heidi Huber, Administration

Heidi Huber

René Koch, Head of Sales

René Koch
Head of Sales

Maja Marx, Board of Directors

Maja Marx
Board of Directors

Thomas Marx, CEO

Thomas Marx

Heinz Popovic, Consultant

Heinz Popovic

Adrian Rohner, Support Engineering

Adrian Rohner
Support Engineering

Eufemia Rust, Leader In-Line Assembly

Eufemia Rust
Leader In-Line Assembly

Fabian Schättin, Account Manager

Fabian Schättin
Account Manager

Susanne Egger-Werder, Online Marketing Manager

Susanne Egger-Werder
Online Marketing Manager

Leeprakhon Sujulaphong, Assembly

Leeprakhon Sujulaphong

Jost Vetter, Project & Account Manager

Jost Vetter
Project & Account Manager

Eugen Thoma, Assembly

Eugen Thoma

Goran Vidakovic, Dispatch

Goran Vidakovic

Chief Security Officer, CSO

Chief Security Officer, CSO