Pressure sensors

The right pressure sensors for every application

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The right pressure sensor for every application

Pressure transmitters or pressure sensors monitor the pressure and convert the physical value of pressure into a standard industrial signal. The electrical signal is transmitted to a display for indication or to a control system for further processing. Based on the electrical input signal, the control system regulates actuators or drives in the process automation, which influence and adjust the process.

Pressure sensors have a standardised thread so that the device can be easily screwed in at the desired measuring point. Special connections are available for the process or food industry. A suitable housing protects the sensor and the electronics from environmental influences. Pressure sensors are suitable for almost all industrial gases and liquids in various tasks because they are available or can be combined with different sensor technologies, housing materials and electrical and mechanical connections.

TRI-MATIC's pressure sensor product range includes accuracies from 0.05 %, measuring ranges from 0...6000 bar, with analogue output or digital interfaces and various approvals, including for hazardous areas. For the food industry, our range includes pressure sensors with milk pipe fittings, flush diaphragms and Tri-Clamp or Varivent® connections. Other specific products for applications in refrigeration, mobile machinery or medical gases are also available from us.

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