100 % tested tightness and simple assembly with fittings from TRI-MATIC

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100 % tested tightness and simple assembly with fittings from TRI-MATIC

A fitting or screw connection is a connecting part in a fixed or flexible pipeline for liquid and gaseous media. The fitting connects pipes, hoses or components flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively. Depending on the desired application and medium, the connecting part is available in brass, stainless steel or plastic. The fittings are manufactured with thread, weld-on ends, TRI-Clamp or other process connections. Thanks to the high quality and robust design, TRI-MATIC fittings are successfully used in many applications. On request, the fittings are supplied with a material certificate.

A distinction is made between the fitting for pneumatic applications and the fitting for liquid media, such as in water pipes or the process industry. In pneumatics, the fitting with push-in plug-in function is very common. The connecting part with O-ring seal on the thread saves the use of Teflon tape or glue as sealing material.

The simple assembly and disassembly as well as the 100 % tested tightness make the fittings from TRI-MATIC a safe and reliable connection point. With many designs, the fitting can also be easily separated again from the connected component.

The product range consists of many designs and variants. These include tees, reducers, double nipples, 90° elbows and end caps for various nominal diameters, threads and connections.

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