Christophe Aebi, Key Account Manager at TRI-MATIC, in the TRI interview

Christophe Aebi has been part of the TRI-MATIC team for eight years and has been holding the position of Key Account Manager in French-speaking Switzerland.

In the TRI interview he answers eight questions about TRI-MATIC, the work and the successes. Get to know the TRI employees and also TRI-MATIC more personally!

1. How did you experience your last time as Key Account Manager?
After a couple years as Project & Account Manager, I was offered a new challenge. I started with great motivation and enthusiasm. I got to know my new clients very quickly in order to respond quickly to their needs. In this way, I try to guarantee them the same level of service and satisfaction they have had so far. I feel I am in the right place and happy in my new position. The best is yet to come, I am convinced of that.

2. Describe TRI-MATIC in a few words.
TRI-MATIC is a family business with a lot of humanity, which is close to its customers and its employees as "One Team".

3. What do you particularly like about your work?
Every day is different, whether I'm visiting my clients on site in different industries or sitting in the office with my colleagues. I am curious by nature and love contact with people. This helps me to do my best when working externally with clients and internally in the office.

4. Do you have a success tip for the customers?
I advise our clients to talk to the right people who have good technical knowledge and offer practical solutions. Success is not achieved alone, but only in a team. That is one of the quality features of TRI-MATIC.

5. How do you support your customers?
I support my customers through my availability, my responsiveness, my enthusiasm and my positive attitude of always wanting to find them the best solutions for their needs. My technical knowledge and eight years' experience in the field of industrial automation are also a strength for my customers.

6. Which product impresses you the most in the TRI-MATIC programme?
Applications for high pressure or for flow control impress me. I also appreciate the world of pneumatics because it offers many solutions. Our product TRI-POSITIONER is an intelligent electropneumatic positioner for mounting on pneumatic drives that guarantees reliable and precise control.

However, what I enjoy the most is working with our customers on projects for assembly systems and developing cost-effective solutions for practical applications.

7. What is a successful day for you?
It is a good feeling for me when I can give my clients or colleagues simple answers and solutions. A thank you from them is the greatest satisfaction and reward for me.

8. What do you like to do most in your spare time?
I enjoy my free time to the fullest with my daughter, partner, family and friends. I enjoy being outdoors. Nature is a source of positive energy for me. I ride my mountain bike a lot, because it gives me a chance to work out and recharge my batteries. I also do many other activities such as skiing, hiking and tennis.