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Pressure reducing valves "engineered and assembled in Switzerland"


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Protect-Air®: Pneumatic pressure reducing valves "Engineered and assembled in Switzerland"

TRI-MATIC produces and distributes its own product line Protect-Air® with pneumatic safety components and factory preset pressure reducing valves for the media air, oxygen and (drinking) water. Since 2010, the Protect-Air® pressure reducers and hose rupture safety devices have been manufactured in Hünenberg. The Protect-Air® product line is therefore Swiss quality "Engineered and assembled in Switzerland".

The Protect-Air® pressure reducing valves offer many advantages. 6 reasons why you should also use these safety components in your application:

1. protection of your application against pressure manipulation
2. shortening of installation time due to factory presetting
3. increased safety and energy efficiency
4. reduction of your compressed air consumption and thus your costs
5. occupational safety for man and machine
6. prolonging the service life of your equipment

Small, compact and effective: preset pressure reducing valves for compressed air and oxygen

Protect your medical equipment against pressure manipulation. The preset pressure reducer OxyReg provides a constant pressure and is completely tamper-proof. The risk of malfunctions and pressure fluctuations is thus eliminated. A pressure gauge becomes superfluous because the OxyReg is already preset with the outlet pressure you want. Installation is much easier as no adjustment is required. All in all, the OxyReg reduces overall costs and  assembly time. Watch the video with all the advantages.

The applications of the fixed SaveAir® pressure regulator for air are broad: from regulating the inlet pressure of machines to reducing the pressure of pneumatically actuated end applications. The SaveAir® is preset to the required output pressure and supplies your pneumatic application constantly and reliably. This prevents unnecessary consumption of compressed air and protects the following components. Dynamic pressure drops are encountered time and again. This protective component provides a stable pressure point, even with high input pressure fluctuations. This ensures safety for the application, the machine and the operator.

Secure your tool against pressure manipulation.

The new CartReg® is a permanently set mini pressure reducing valve for pneumatic tools. This protective component prevents overpressure in pneumatic tools. This increases the service life of the tool and the energy efficiency of your compressed air system. Quick and easy - in no time at all, so to speak - the new CartReg® is mounted between the tool and the hose as an air supply without any adapter. Watch the video with all the advantages.

Reduce and bleed pressure in one unit.

Do not consume compressed air unnecessarily and increase the service life of your machine. The ToolReg® pressure reducing valve is preset to the required output pressure and provides a stable supply to the following components. The venting function of the ToolReg® allows the remaining compressed air to escape. This protects you, for example, from the so-called unintentional "last shot" from a nail gun.

Constant pressure with (drinking) water: with the EcoReg® pressure reducing valve.

The EcoReg® water regulator is ideal for fixed water connections on coffee machines or drinking water dispensers. It is NSF certified for all applications in drinking water supply, food industry and household appliances. Thanks to the fixed, constant pressure, the coffee machine or water dispenser is correctly supplied. The inlet pressure of the supply line is reduced to a pressure suitable for your appliance. All parts used are FDA-compliant.

Occupational safety for man and machine: With the Protect-Air® hose rupture safety device

The HoseGuard®hose rupture protection protects man and machine from the dangerous whipping of a damaged compressed air hose. The flow of the supply line is immediately reduced as soon as a hose rupture occurs. Cost-effective and simple, you ensure compliance with international guidelines for effects of a hose rupture.

The current quality management certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 confirms the high level of the processes. The implementation is carried out according to international guidelines. Know-how added value and innovation are important cornerstones for TRI-MATIC. We do everything in our power to create sustainable benefits with our qualified employees, from concept to delivery. We understand.

Contact us if your application requires pressure reduction or protection from whipping hoses: By phone +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or We are always there for you!

Protect-Air® from TRI-MATIC

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