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Level measurement of any type of liquid and paste-like media with level transmitters

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Level transmitters for hydrostatic level measurement

Level transmitters are a special type of pressure sensor used for measuring levels in containers, shafts, tanks, basins or wells. The level or the filling height of the liquid in the container is measured hydrostatically. The hydrostatic measuring principle is based on the effect of the weight force or liquid column rising proportionally to the filling level and acting on a surface. In the case of level sensors, this force acts on the sensor which converts the force into an analogue signal. This measuring principle is ideally suited for all types of flow-free, liquid and pasty media.

Depending on the application, two types of sensors are used:

Immersion probes or level probes provide precise measured values in open containers.

Immersion probes or level probes are mainly used in open containers, shafts or basins. The probe is lowered and fixed at the lowest point in the container and measures the pressure of the liquid column above it. The level is calculated from the measured pressure and the product density.

Screw-in probes for closed, pressurised systems

The screw-in probe is particularly suitable for closed vessels or systems that are under pressure. The probe is screwed in at the lowest point in the vessel. There, the screw-in probe detects the prevailing hydrostatic pressure which gives a direct indication of the current level and the height of the liquid column above it.

Also for aggressive media or in explosive environments

Immersion and screw-in probes are available in many different versions. The combination of different sensor technologies such as stainless steel or ceramic sensor and housing, cable and sealing materials enable an application even with aggressive media or in explosive environments.

The areas of application for hydrostatic level measurement are extremely diverse: from drinking water or waste water management, fuel or chemical storage to food processing.

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