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High-quality mechanical pressure gauges for reliable pressure indication from TRI-MATIC

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High-quality mechanical pressure gauges for reliable pressure indication from TRI-MATIC

Pressure gauges are among the most widely used pressure measuring devices in the world for relative pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. They use the force of pressure and represent the measured pressure difference via a mechanical device. Each mechanical measurement of the manometer is accompanied by a movement. The magnitude of this movement is converted by the measuring mechanism in the manometer into a rotational movement that moves the pointer and displays the pressure reading on the manometer scale. Mechanical manometers do not require an external power supply. Often these mechanical pressure gauges are used in safety-relevant installations, as they function perfectly even in the event of a power failure and do not require voltage for operation.

Depending on the application and accuracy requirements, measuring systems in Bourdon tube, coil spring or capsule spring technology are available. The classic Bourdon tube is used in most mechanical pressure gauges. In addition, coil spring pressure gauges for higher pressures from 60 bar are also widely used. Diaphragm pressure gauges or capsule spring pressure gauges are used for low pressures.

Many variants, large selection

For applications with high dynamic alternating loads and vibrations, such as on a compressor, pressure gauges filled with glycerine are installed. When the pressure gauge vibrates, the pointer is easier to read thanks to the glycerine filling of the housing and the measurement result is more accurate. In addition to glycerine-filled pressure gauges, so-called axle-damped or dampened pressure gauges are also a variant in such environments. They do not require glycerine and are also characterised by a high display accuracy.

TRI-MATIC's pressure gauges are available individually according to your requirements for many sectors and industries. The comprehensive product range includes nominal housing sizes from 40mm to 160mm, corrosion-resistant housings and measuring elements, measuring ranges from vacuum to 1600 bar gauge pressure with display accuracies down to 0.1 %, process connections including G¼, G½, ½NPT, M20x1.5 etc., self-sealing connection threads for quick assembly and many more options. Even pressure gauges with your logo or company name are available at a reasonable price.

Even customising of pressure gauges in your desired design is possible. Whether with your logo or company name, customised units or measuring ranges: Many pressure gauges can be customised individually and cost-effectively. This is how we meet the requirements of modern customers in industry from all over the world.

Benefit from our mechanical pressure gauges for a reliable pressure indication. Contact us by phone at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or by e-mail at for comprehensive advice from our experts.

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