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Modern pressure measuring devices for efficient pressure measurement

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Modern pressure measuring devices for efficient pressure measurement

Pressure gauges measure the physical pressure of liquid and gaseous media. Mechanical and electronic pressure gauges always measure a force per area. They indicate an overpressure, underpressure or differential pressure either analogue in the case of a manometer or digitally in the case of a pressure sensor.

There is a wide variety of pressure measuring devices. Pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure switches and level sensors are part of our range of standard products. Depending on the application, materials, construction types, measuring range, display accuracy, size and connections are among the most important selection parameters. Depending on the function, different pressure measuring devices are used.

Level sensors and immersion probes are used for level measurement in liquid or pasty media and for level measurement in water or waste water in tanks and containers. They are based on the principle of hydrostatic level measurement. They use the physical quantity of pressure to record the measurement data.

For the level measurement, the immersion probe is immersed in the medium and placed as close as possible to the bottom of the tank. In the tank, the sensor records the hydrostatic pressure, which derives the current fill level. The measured values are transmitted from the sensor to the system control and processed or displayed there.

The immersion probes are available in different housing materials, sensor and diameter variants. The numerous standard versions offer an ideal solution for your prevailing installation situation.

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