Long-term partnership thanks to high-quality products and services

Patrick Hirschy has been a strategic buyer for our client Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA in Ecublens for five years. High time to ask a few questions after many years of working together as partners. So Patrick Hirschy and Jimmy Frey, Co-CEO at TRI-MATIC, met on a beautiful March morning. In the interview, you can find out what Dietrich likes best about working with TRI-MATIC.

Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA

The unique concept of the family-owned company Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA is to transport powder through hoses with the help of vacuum and pressure. It forms the basis for the PTS Powder Transfer System®.

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1. Patrick, what is your function at Dietrich?

I have been a strategic buyer for five years and look after the global purchasing strategy for various product categories for the entire DEC Group. As a result, I also take care of business relations with suppliers, such as TRI-MATIC. And around such a personal meeting as today with you.

I deal with everyday problems such as delivery delays, price increases, quality problems or to make forecasts about future material consumption (forecast). When it comes to obsolescence and standardisation of articles and purchasing processes, I work closely with the product manager in Poland.

2. Why have you been working with TRI-MATIC for over 25 years?

We have been working together for many years because TRI-MATIC offers an uncomplicated service, fast problem management, a good basis for discussion in large projects and a high degree of flexibility to find solutions together.

We benefit from an excellent technical service and in most cases we find solutions to our problems. TRI-MATIC always manages to deliver to us on time.

Throughout the years, a great deal of trust has been built up, which ensures stability in our business relationship. TRI-MATIC is a truly reliable and durable partner.

3. What made our products and services stand out from other offers?

The high quality of the products, the fast delivery times and the high reliability are very much appreciated. We have received almost no difficult customer feedback in the many years of our cooperation.

The service also deserves special mention. Especially a quality that is very important to us. TRI-MATIC easily adapts to changing needs, e.g. in case of increased consumption of certain products. Shipments are also competently managed in the case of unforeseen events.

In the last complicated years regarding delivery times, TRI-MATIC has shown a very high flexibility. The commercial agreements introduced have also simplified the management of deliveries. Therefore, we have been able to guarantee our commitments to our customers.

4. What do you like most about working with our company?

The ease of the business relationship, the openness of the cooperation and the quick service in case of technical or business questions make our everyday work very easy.

5. Would you recommend our products to others and why?

Yes, with great enthusiasm, because the products have proven themselves for many years without any major worries.

TRI-MATIC is a competent and reliable company with high flexibility.

6. What are your next goals in your collaboration with TRI-MATIC?

Between the purchasing department in Ecublens in Switzerland and the product management in Mielec in Poland, we want to further standardise TRI-MATIC products and clean up our database. This will reduce the number of different articles and give us a better overview of consumption. This will lead to managing our stock as efficiently as possible and ultimately improve delivery times.

Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA also wants to secure the business relationship with TRI-MATIC in the long term by optimising our current rolling agreement.