Complete technical and administrative package for Escowa AB with the fixed water connection

TRI-MATIC has designed a customised fixed water connection with anti-rotation fitting, pressure reducer and connection fitting for drinking water dispensers for Escowa AB.

Escowa AB is the largest manufacturer of customised drinking water dispensers and drinking water solutions for restaurants and offices in the Nordic region and is one of the service providers in the HORECA industry. They have been whole heartedly passionate about what they do since 1986.

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Initial situation/challenge for the customer

In Escowa AB's drinking water solution machine design, there are different components that are categorised as A, B and C parts. A-parts are components that are expensive and difficult to obtain. C-parts are mass-produced items. There are two major challenges here:

  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Assembly effort and capacity reduction

The five C-components used for the drinking water dispenser had a potential stock value of about CHF 90'000 per year with an annual production quantity of 5'000 pieces. The parts were planned by the purchasing department with four different suppliers which meant a lot of work. With the short reducer and the PTFE seal, the set consisted of two custom-made products that had minimum order quantities and long delivery times. This reduced flexibility and economic efficiency.

Independent procurement had a negative impact on efficiency and profitability for these C-parts. Escowa AB therefore decided to have a set consisting of the five C-components assembled by TRI-MATIC.


TRI-MATIC has designed a customised fixed water connection with anti-rotation fitting, our inline pressure reducer EcoReg® and connection fittings. A fixed water connection is used at the inlet of the drinking water dispenser, where the inlet pressure of the supply line is reduced to a pressure suitable for the unit. This pressure reduction is adapted to the structural conditions and design by additional components. The fixed water connection of TRI-MATIC consists of a compact, fixed, NSF 61 certified pressure reducing valve and high-quality components developed by TRI-MATIC's engineering team.

After the assembly was approved by Escowa AB, it was produced in the desired quantity and integrally tested for function before delivery.


Escowa AB was able to free itself from a storage value of around CHF 90,000 thanks to the assembly. In addition, the storage space could be used for A and B parts. The disposition effort was reduced by more than 60%. The assembly costs could also be reduced, since a finished assembly component is now delivered. They also got rid of all the logistical scheduling conflicts in one fell swoop.

For Fredrik Friberg it is clear: " We benefit from a reduction in supplier contacts and have less administrative work. TRI-MATIC is our competent partner for the assembly and supports us in all technical issues."

Escowa AB now uses the free resources of at least 250 hours per year to react to external market influences.