Coaxial valves

Fast switching cycles and short response times thanks to coaxial valves from TRI-MATIC


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Fast switching cycles and short response times thanks to coaxial valves from TRI-MATIC

Coaxial valves: Fast switching cycles, short response time and constant performance

Coaxial valves can be used to quickly and reliably block or release gaseous, liquid, highly viscous, lubricating and slightly contaminated as well as aggressive media such as oils, emulsions or coolants and lubricants.

A coaxial valve combines the main advantage of a solenoid valve with that of an automated ball valve: it controls systems with fast switching cycles at full media flow. The compact design means that these powerful valves can also be installed in tight spaces or in group arrangements.

The design of the coaxial valve allows media to flow in both directions. Media can flow through alternately and can be operated from the vacuum range up to a differential pressure of 16 bar. As the valve seat and the movable piston of coaxial valves are located on one axis, fast and extremely frequent switching cycles are possible with minimum wear.

A coaxial valve in the open position
Coaxial valves open and close by means of an axial movement. With pneumatically actuated coaxial valves, the tube is moved horizontally by compressed air, thus opening or closing the valve seat.
A coaxial valve in closed position

Coaxial valves made of aluminium and stainless steel

The coaxial valves from TRI-MATIC are available in two versions: An aluminium version for neutral fluids and gases or a stainless steel version for aggressive gases and liquids. Both versions are available in double-acting and single-acting versions and are already equipped with a NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 connection plate. This makes it easy to install a TRI-NAMUR VALVE pilot valve.

The aluminium version already has a groove for the position monitoring sensor. This means that the coaxial valve can also be connected to a process control system. Coaxial valves impress as virtually maintenance-free, fast-switching and universally applicable components with short switching times.

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