"Whatever you feel is a perfect reflection of what is about to materialize. Everything we are is the result of our thoughts." - unknown -

I have been working in administration at TRI-MATIC since June 2012. I am responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, dunning, credit information, weekly and monthly statements, export and import, customs documents and general administrative work. I am also the contact person for external accounting. Previously, I worked in various companies as an assistant sales manager, import/export clerk and assistant marketing manager/e-commerce. In April 2021, I will start further training in the field of social security. I really appreciate working at TRI-MATIC. We are a great team and it is a pleasure to work together.

My favourite product:
The fixed pressure regulator for oxygen OxyReg, which is used energy-efficiently in medical technology for ventilators and oxygen therapies, is very interesting. I am impressed that this pressure regulator is successfully and safely used to save lives.