Head of Engineering

"If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you can't solve it, don't make a problem out of it." - Buddha -

In July 1989 I joined the assembly department of TRI-MATIC's predecessor company as a young precision mechanic specialising in electronic measuring equipment. After a short time in the assembly department, I was increasingly entrusted with the design of components and customer solutions. A short time later, I took over the responsibility and management of the workshop. When CAD drawing on the computer came up, I evaluated a suitable software and introduced it in the company. With many courses in pneumatics, electrics, computers, personnel management as well as CAD drawing, I have kept up with the educational level of the time. Today I work as Head of Engineering.

My favourite products:
My favourite products are our own products or developments for customers. In engineering, we contribute our ideas that bring savings or simplifications for the customer. There are many practical examples of this, such as pneumatic control cabinets or the further development of the fixed pressure reducing valve for pneumatic tools with secondary venting TOOLREG®.