Sleeve valves

Sleeve valves and sleeve gate valves for industry


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Sleeve valves and sleeve gate valves for industry

The sleeve valve and the sleeve gate valve are used to open, close and shut off pipe systems in industry. These valves are often used as a preliminary shut-off to ensure replacement or maintenance on subsequent valves.
In the case of the sleeve valves, the medium flow is increased, reduced or completely shut off via a handwheel when the threaded spindle is actuated. The so-called sleeve closes the sealing surfaces in the body of the valve.
In the case of the sleeve gate valves, the disc-shaped plate with the threaded spindle is moved perpendicular to the medium flow by means of a handwheel. This closes off the flow. Both designs divert the medium flow in the housing, which leads to higher flow resistance. The media can thus be better throttled and controlled.

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