Ball valves electric

Ball valves: Electric, efficient and cost-effective.


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Ball valves: Electric, efficient and cost-effective

Ball valves are used in the process industry and in mechanical and plant engineering. A drilled ball serves as a blocking body, which enables or prevents the flow through the 90° rotation. With a rotary actuator, simple or complex industrial processes can be automated electrically efficiently and cost-effectively with ball valves.

Thanks to the standardised flange platform according to ISO 5211, the electric rotary actuator can be mounted directly on the ball valves provided for this purpose. TRI-MATIC offers electric drives with torques from 20 Nm up to 11000 Nm. Options such as positioner, potentiometer or failsafe function are also available. The potential-free limit switches in the electric rotary drive report the open or closed position of the ball valve back to the control system. In this way, many media and processes can be optimally monitored and controlled.

The ball valve with V-port and mounted electric actuator with positioner is suitable for filling and controlling media. The control performance of the V-port ball valve is outstanding. The V-shaped opening of the ball controls the flow precisely. The different opening angles of the V-port allow optimal regulation of the Cv value. The electric actuator is used as a modulating actuator with an analogue current or voltage signal. The current position of the ball valve can be queried and further processed with the feedback signal.

Fail-safe ball valves for critical processes

For critical processes with safety function, fail-safe ball valves with electric actuators including fail-safe function are used. The electric actuators with failsafe function have an internal battery pack or capacitor. This ensures the electrical energy for emergency actuation in the event of a power failure. In the Ex area, we offer suitable electric actuators or complete units with ATEX approval.

Electric 3-way versions also have a permanent place in our range and are always used when liquids or gases have to be distributed.

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