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Your partner for valves, pressure gauges, pneumatics and customised assemblies and automation solutions

TRI-MATIC has been a leading supplier of safety components for industrial automation since 1991. In times when efficiency and precision are decisive for the success of companies, industrial automation is playing an increasingly important role. It is used to automate and thus optimise production processes in production facilities to varying degrees. In industrial automation, a distinction is made between completely autonomous production processes, processes in which only individual components and procedures are automated, and automation in which procedures are automated.

TRI-MATIC offers technologically leading products from renowned manufacturers in the areas of valves, pressure gauges, pneumatics and assemblies. TRI-MATIC also produces and sells its own Protect-Air® product line with preset pressure reducing valves for air, oxygen and (drinking) water worldwide.

Valves distribute media specifically in pipe systems, meter and regulate flow rates precisely or interrupt the flow of liquids or gases in the system. Pressure measuringdevices measure the physical pressure of liquid and gaseous media. Pneumatics control fast, uniform and precise movements in industrial automation with little effort. TRI-MATIC's standard product range includes a wide variety of products and shapes for all of these products.

When standard products no longer meet customer requirements, customisation for different applications begins. Simple and complex customised assemblies are our passion. We develop your individual customised product tailored to your company and your needs. A high level of expertise, strong customer service combined with an attractive product range characterise TRI-MATIC.

Industrial automation has great potential. In many cases, the automation of individual components can already represent an optimal solution and thus provide more flexibility in production. The technologies for industrial automation will continue to evolve. If companies also continue to develop flexibly, they will remain competitive with the help of industrial automation with their machine manufacturing processes and will be ideally equipped for future challenges.

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