Accessories for the pressure gauges

Accessories for the pressure gauges: Manometer valves, water siphons, throttles and much more

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Accessories for the pressure gauges: Manometer valves, water siphons, throttles and much more

Gauge valves isolate the pressure gauges from the process to measure pressure when needed or to replace pressure gauges, when necessary, without interrupting the process. Pressure gauge valves with test connection are used simultaneously for the connection of operating pressure gauges and test pressure gauges in the pressure line.

TRI-MATIC offers many versions made of stainless steel or brass, with or without test connection, in a 2-way version or as a multiple valve block for differential pressure gauges. As shut-off and throttle components for pressure gauges, pressure gauge valves are used in the process industry in mechanical engineering, plant construction, in the chemical and petrochemical industries or in power plants.

In the accessories for pressure gauges, you will find adjustable throttles to reduce pressure surges, gauge holders for pressure gauges, overpressure protection devices and mounting sets for pressure gauges, for welding or screwing in.

A water siphon serves as a cooling element to protect pressure gauges or pressure switches from the effects of hot, pressurised media such as steam. Condensate from the medium forms in the siphon so that the hot medium does not come into direct contact with the measuring device or switch. The geometries of the siphons according to DIN 16282 differ in U-shape and circular shape. We offer U-shaped siphons for horizontal pressure tapping and circular siphons for vertical pressure tapping, made of stainless steel or steel with weld-on ends or for screwing in. It is recommended to fill the siphon with a cooling liquid before putting the pressure line into operation.

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