Bourdon tube pressure gauges

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for your pressure measurement

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for your pressure measurement

Bourdon pressure gauges are the most commonly used mechanical pressure measuring devices for relative pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. Their measuring element is a Bourdon tube, also known as a Bourdon spring. The French engineer and instrument maker Eugène Bourdon patented this measuring principle in 1848. The functional principle of the Bourdon tube is based on an elastic spring and a circularly bent tube with an oval cross-section.

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A bent tube wants to stretch under pressure and regain its original circular cross-section. The stretching leads to a deflection at the end of the tube spring of only a few millimetres, which is transmitted to the measuring mechanism. The linear movement is converted into a rotary movement and indicated as pressure via the pointer on the manometer scale.

With the circularly bent Bourdon tubes, pressures of up to 60 bar can be indicated. Bourdon tube pressure gauges are suitable for indicating the pressure of gases or non-crystallising liquids. For higher pressures above 60 bar, helical spring manometers are used. Depending on the geometry, material thickness and material, pressure measurements up to 1600 bar can be realised.

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