TT-TransTechnik GmbH: Precise, consistent and economical thanks to high-quality pneumatic control cabinet

TRI-MATIC has developed a customised pneumatic control cabinet for surface coating for TT-TransTechnik GmbH.

For almost 30 years TT-TransTechnik GmbH has been one of the leading suppliers of painting and coating systems of all kinds and is specialised in applications for conveying liquid media.

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Initial situation/challenge for the customer

TT-TransTechnik GmbH was looking for a suitable supplier for a new assembly for surface coating.

For clean spraying and coating, the pressure and air volume must be controlled separately for each medium. The spray pattern must be of high quality to achieve the required quality of the coating.

The sticking points with this pneumatic assembly were the limited space conditions combined with the required air flow rate. The more air volume is required, the larger the pneumatic components are used.


TRI-MATIC has designed a tailor-made pneumatic control cabinet with pressure reducing valves, pressure gauges, logic elements, fittings and pneumatic hoses which does not exceed the maximum size.

"We felt we were in good hands with TRI-MATIC right from the beginning," recalls Michael Wüst, one of the managing directors of TT-TransTechnik GmbH.

TT-TransTechnik GmbH and TRI-MATIC jointly discussed the function of the control system during a first personal meeting at the customer's premises. Based on the specifications, TRI-MATIC drew the pneumatic circuit diagram according to the customer's requirements and adapted it flexibly to changing customer needs.

After approval of the circuit diagram, the 3D model was produced by TRI-MATIC and labelled as desired by TT-TransTechnik GmbH and after its acceptance the assembly was produced. Before delivery, it was integrally tested for function.


Thanks to this high-quality assembly and the convincing technical implementation, the coating system runs very precisely, consistently and economically.

For Michael Wüst it is clear: "TRI-MATIC has built an all-round carefree solution for us. They understand our application and requirements and we trust them completely. We also appreciate the personal, open and direct communication".

With TRI-MATIC, TT-TransTechnik GmbH has a partner for pneumatics and electrics at its side who provides customer-specific advice beyond the task at hand and also implements complex technical requirements quickly and flexibly.