"If a screw is loose, life's got a little more play." - unknown -

In January 1992, I joined the predecessor company of TRI-MATIC as an office employee. I was able to experience the "growth" of TRI-MATIC AG live over all these years. Through various courses and further training, I was able to develop into my current position as Head of Backoffice & Processes. I am proud to be able to contribute to the successful history of TRI-MATIC with my team and all employees.

My favourite products:
TRI-MATIC produces its own Protect-Air® product line with pneumatic safety components and factory preset pressure reducing valves for the media air, oxygen and (drinking) water. The Protect-Air® product line is Swiss quality "Engineered and assembled in Switzerland". All products of this product line impress me very much, because they secure medical devices against pressure manipulation.