Pneumatic maintenance units

Modular pneumatic maintenance units for more performance and service life

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Modular pneumatic maintenance units for more performance and service life

Pneumatic maintenance units are the heart of a compressed air system, because they efficiently and safely prepare the compressed air for various functions with different components. In most applications, pneumatic maintenance units filter, regulate or lubricate or switch the compressed air supply on and off.

Just before the compressed air is consumed by machines and tools, pneumatic maintenance units filter and lubricate the compressed air and regulate the medium pressure to the optimum and set value. The performance and service life of the connected tools is extended thanks to pneumatic maintenance units, also called filter-regulator-oiler units or FRLs for short.

Depending on the connected consumer or in applications with varnishes or paints, however, lubricating the compressed air with oil in the process is undesirable. Some pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic valves do not need continuous lubrication at all. This is where two-part compressed air maintenance units are used, namely filter-regulator units without oilers.

The modularly designed pneumatic maintenance units are available as individual components or pre-configured in various designs and for different areas of application. This means they can be expanded and adapted and are guaranteed to meet your individual requirements.

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