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Check valves ensure required function and prevent damage to machines


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Check valves and non-return valves ensure required function and prevent damage to machines

Check valves allow media to flow in pipelines in one direction only and prevent a reversal of the flow direction. In the event of backflow in the other direction, non-return valves close automatically by means of a closing element, which is closed by a spring when the pressure drops. If the pressure of the medium is higher than the spring force, the closing element remains open. Only when the direction of flow is correct do the non-return valves open again.
This function is required in many applications with compressible and non-compressible media. Various closing elements are used to ensure the blocking function of a non-return valve. Depending on the technical requirements of the check valve, we use balls, pistons, discs and lip seals.
When choosing the right check valve for your application, the most important parameters include the medium, pressure, flow rate, material, installation dimensions, dimension and connections. In addition to a wide range of standard products, TRI-MATIC offers special designs for your individual application. Many things are possible here and can be defined together with you in the project phase.
Closely related to check valves are safety valves, which, however, do not close completely. Safety valves open when a certain, predefined pressure is reached in a container and close again afterwards.
Check valves and non-return valves are installed in many systems in building services and pneumatics, in humidification systems and pipelines or when filling and emptying tanks, in order to ensure the required function and prevent damage to machines or systems. The various check valves are manufactured with ecological factors in mind. Current regulations and standards of industrial automation are fulfilled and continuously renewed.

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