Maximum hygiene and highest purity with TRI-CLAMP connections and adapters.


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Maximum hygiene and highest purity with TRI-CLAMP connections and adapters

Maximum hygiene and highest purity with TRI-CLAMP connections and adapters

Companies in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries must ensure the highest levels of cleanliness in their production facilities. Hygienic plants in these industries have complex piping systems with ball valves, control valves and connections. However, the aseptic standards cannot be achieved with ordinary fittings and threaded screw connections.

TRI-CLAMP connections are part of a world-leading hygienic system for aseptic piping with smooth and corrosion-free surfaces throughout. TRI-CLAMP stainless steel components include TRI-CLAMP fittings, TRI-CLAMP ball valves, TRI-CLAMP adapters and TRI-CLAMP clamp connections, which are fixed from the outside with a clamp. Thanks to TRI-CLAMP, your plant or machine is protected against impurities and contamination. TRI-CLAMP is also ideally suited for CIP and SIP sterilisation.

There are three different standards for TRI-CLAMP worldwide: DIN, ISO and BS. They are used for different standards of tube sizes. TRI-MATIC has the right TRI-CLAMP fittings, ball valves, clamp connections or TRI-CLAMP adapters in all three standards. Whether ball valves with manual lever or automated with pneumatic drive, fittings for welding or screwing on, sampling valves or check valves in various lengths and sizes, TRI-MATIC offers a complete programme. We have a warehouse with a constant stock of many different components. Also for your hygienic system!

Large selection of TRI-CLAMP adapters and dairy fittings

Dairy fittings also have a permanent place in our range. These include hose connectors according to DIN 11851, hose connectors with external threads, 3-part connectors according to DIN 11851 and various transition fittings. Dairy fittings consist of a conical spigot and a threaded spigot, which are connected to each other by means of a union nut. The round thread to DIN 11851 and the polished surface can be easily cleaned. Depending on the medium, suitable elastomer seals in various materials such as NBR, EPDM, silicone or FKM (Viton) are available.

TRI-CLAMP sizing

TRI-CLAMP fittings are distinguished between the flange size and the pipe size:

  • Flange size A: The flange size determines the compatibility with other TRI-CLAMP parts. Two flanges are joined with a gasket and a clamp. Flange sizes that do not match cannot be joined together.
  • Pipe size B - Th: On the pipe side of the fitting, a variety of pipe sizes are available for each flange size. Pipes of different sizes can be joined together if they use the same flange size. Depending on the pipe standard, the inner diameters are different, which must be taken into account when selecting the fittings and valves.
Flange size A and pipe size B - Th are to be considered when selecting TRI-CLAMP fittings.
Flange size A and pipe size B - Th are to be considered when selecting TRI-CLAMP fittings.

Although pipe sizes vary between specifications, the flange sizes of all three standards are the same with a few exceptions. For example, a BS 1.5″ TRI-CLAMP uses the same 50.4 mm flange size as the DIN DN40 TRI-CLAMP. Within each standard, the different pipe sizes determine the flange size.

TRI-CLAMP specifications

Pipe specifications

Terminal sizes

Pipe sizes

DIN 32676 (DIN 32676 Series A)

Metric – DIN 11850/10357



ISO 2852 (DIN 32676 Series B)

ISO 1127



BS 4825 (DIN 32676 Series C, ASME BPE 2009)

Imperial – ASTM A270




We are happy to supply you with the various TRI-CLAMP sizes in different materials, such as 1.4301 or 1.4404. Of course, if desired, with quality certificates such as the 3.1 certificate or FDA documents for the sealing materials.

Contact us if you would like to have access to a complete TRI-CLAMP programme for your hygienic system. Call us on +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or write to us at

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