Butterfly valves electric

Butterfly valves: Electric, precise and safe.


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Butterfly valves electric

Butterfly valves: Electric, precise and safe

Electric butterfly valves are automated with an electric rotary actuator that opens or closes the butterfly valve with electrical energy. When the open or closed end position is reached, the damper valve no longer requires electricity and the electric rotary actuator reports the position back to the control system.

Electric butterfly valves can be used to safely control a variety of different processes. Even in safety-relevant plant components or potentially explosive environments. The valves are characterised by performance features that are required for maximum efficiency, a long service life and minimum energy consumption. Various designs are available for demanding applications in the water and wastewater sector or in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

For applications that have to function even in the event of power or system failure, electric butterfly valves with failsafe safety function are used. A battery in the electric actuator ensures that the butterfly valve moves to a predefined position in the event of a power failure.

Electric rotary actuators with Ex approval ensure that the butterfly valves can be operated safely and reliably in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Electric butterfly valves are also equipped with rotary actuators with analogue current or voltage input for sophisticated control or mixing functions. This allows the opening of the damper to be precisely controlled and the current position to be transmitted to the control system by means of a feedback signal.

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