Shut-off valves

Shut-off valves that ensure the safe operation of your machine or plant

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Shut-off valves that ensure the safe operation of your machine or plant

Shut-off valves have the task of blocking the volume flow of a medium with the "on-off function". For the safe operation of a machine or system, this must be guaranteed even after thousands of repetitions.

A shut-off valve often has to fulfil even more requirements, especially when it controls the flow of compressed air, (potable) water, oil, gases and other fluids. In pipe systems, shut-off valves distribute the media in a targeted manner or meter and merge them.

Stop valves include ball valves, flap valves, slide valves, needle valves, non-return valves, sleeve valves or diaphragm valves. When choosing the right shut-off valve for your application, flow rate, medium, pressure and material are among the most important parameters. Depending on the function and effect, one of these different shut-off valves is used.

As far as the actuator is concerned, you can choose between electric, pneumatic or manual actuation. Peripheral devices such as control and pilot valves, solenoid coils, switch boxes, electric and pneumatic positioners, hoses and fittings are available. The TRI-MATIC product range is modular. This allows tailor-made solutions for your specific application.

All these different shut-off valves are manufactured with ecological factors in mind. Current regulations and standards of industrial automation are fulfilled and continuously renewed.

Benefit from our shut-off valves for the safe operation of your machine or plant. Contact us by phone at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or by e-mail at for comprehensive advice from our experts.

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