Safe zone butterfly valves support MINIMAX with systematic fire protection

For the maintenance of the water sprinkler systems, zone butterfly valves in LUG design with special handles and an unmanipulable position monitoring system are used.

Sichere Zonen-Absperrklappen unterstützen MINIMAX bei Brandschutz mit System

MINIMAX - fire protection with a system - has remained true to its original business idea since it was founded in 1902: To recognise a fire as early as possible and extinguish it effectively before it starts. MINIMAX AG's primary objective is to protect people, property and the environment.

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Initial situation/Challenges for the customer

For the maintenance of sprinkler systems, the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF) stipulates the use of safe zone butterfly valves where the handle cannot be removed when the valve is closed. This serves as a safety feature and visualisation that the line is closed. A limit switch alone is not sufficient for this. Only one handle is required for each building because the water supply may only be switched off on one floor at a time.

The head of the water extinguishing systems division at MINIMAX AG, David Cruz, was looking for a suitable zone shut-off damper and a supplier with a high-quality and broad product range.


After detailed discussions with the customer, TRI-MATIC Engineering and David Cruz were able to develop the solution for this application step by step, visualise it using a 3D model and produce samples.

For the maintenance of the water sprinkler systems, zone butterfly valves in LUG design with special handles and non-manipulable position monitoring in nominal sizes DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125 and DN150 are used. The body is made of GGG40 and the flap is made of stainless steel AISI316/DIN 1.4408. For safety reasons, the hand lever can only be fitted or removed when the flap is open.

After approval, a customised data sheet was created for MINIMAX. This means that all important data is always to hand.


For David Cruz from MINIMAX, one thing is clear: "With the jointly developed zone butterfly valves in LUG design, we use safe and high-quality products. This enables us to fulfil the VKF regulations. Thanks to cost optimisation, we also have costs firmly under control."