Prototyping, testing and pilot production

Play it safe with prototyping, testing & pilot production

Play it safe with prototyping, testing & pilot production

Prototyping describes the procedure for the rapid production of 3D models. A model enables various estimations, tests and analyses that would be difficult only based on drawings. Prototyping includes the planning, design, manufacturing and improvement process and makes efficient process management in industry possible.
In industrial automation, prototyping is mainly used where components for (new) developments are sought. 3D models are particularly suitable for simulating real application cases and thus predicting effects. This prevents bad investments due to expensive waste production.
The drawings, circuit diagrams and 3D models are created at TRI-MATIC with SolidWorks CAD and thus directly - and without complex intermediate steps - brought into the desired form. This increases speed and efficiency in product development. Depending on the industry, application and type of model, prototyping takes a few hours to a few days.
The goal is to test a real model in a process as quickly as possible and to get a status report. Based on the visualisation, your individual prototype is manufactured. Subsequently, technical adjustments can be made to meet the requirements even better.
The approved prototype serves as a template for the production of the upcoming pilot series. The pilot series then confirms the suitability for your application. In this way, we play it safe together and save time and money.

Contact us by phone on +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or by e-mail at if you need models produced quickly. In our assemblies you will find an excerpt of simple to demanding applications that have started with prototyping.

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Robust, safe and reliable safety components

Wide variety of products and shapes in the range with extensive accessories

Reduced assembly time of components due to factory pre-settings

Products that guarantee occupational safety for man and machine

Extension of the service life of machines and processes

Worldwide network of sales partners with high quality service and support