Key Account Manager

"There's a way to make it better. Find it!" - Thomas Alva Edison -

After my training as a polymechanic in CNC-turning in 2010, and a few years of work experience as a technical clerk, I wanted to acquire commercial knowledge and therefore, successfully completed the higher business diploma. In 2016, I completed the course to become a technical businessman with a federal certificate. Since 2019, I have been responsible as Project & Account Manager at TRI-MATIC for the handling of all technical projects in the Eastern market area. I appreciate the good cooperation among each other and feel very comfortable.

My favourite product:
The small, compact stainless steel ball valve with small electric actuator and failsafe safety function TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX-MINI FAILSAFE appeals to me very much because it is versatile. The simple control and assembly make these valves a little all-rounder for me.