Electrical automation

Electrical automation makes more flexible, reliable, efficient and economical.


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More flexible, reliable, efficient and economical with electrical automation

More and more production plants are being automated worldwide and this trend towards more electrical automation is continuously accelerating. Whether in the production of chemical products, paper or food as well as in water, sewage, fluid evacuation or sanitary applications.

Electric ball valves at a glance

Electric butterfly valves at a glance

Filter by drive type and operation and get your desired electric ball valves or butterfly valves!

Automate step by step entire production lines or individual movements.

Measuring or testing procedures are seamlessly integrated into production plants and production processes using electrical automation. The sensors are integrated into the PLC control system which enables precise measurements.
The advantages of electrical automation are obvious: production becomes more flexible, reliable, efficient and economical. With the digital signals processed in the PLC control system, processes can be monitored, information can be reliably transmitted to those responsible and appropriate measures can be triggered. In short: direct communication between production plants, systems and employees improves and accelerates the flow of information.
Electrical automation can be roughly divided into two sub-areas: sensor technology and control technology. TRI-MATIC offers solutions for both areas:

  • in pressure and temperature measurement technology which provides the necessary information for the control systems,
  • in process automation with electric rotary actuators for on/off and multi-position valves with different swivelling ranges and
  • in electrical drive technology where exact positioning and jerk-free operation is required.

Automate entire production plants or even individual movements step by step. TRI-MATIC supports you with diverse, high-quality solutions for your industrial automation tasks: Completely flexible and individually according to your needs.

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