Assembly and quality control

Assembly & quality control with a high degree of reliability and precision

Assembly & quality control with a high degree of reliability and precision

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands on the quality of components, systems and solutions, a high degree of precision and efficiency is required.

Assembly: planning, verification, testing, acceptance

During assembly, individual parts are turned into integrated systems and complete solutions. Two assembly teams work daily at TRI-MATIC on a wide variety of tasks, always accompanied by written assembly and testing instructions. If required, the instructions are drawn up together with you and contain the individual, application-specific assembly steps. Before components are delivered, a wide variety of tasks such as verifying functionality according to the specifications, checking and function testing must be completed.

Simple to complex assemblies leave our assembly halls every day, tested and in perfect quality. With a holistic understanding of components and materials as well as consistent process reliability and experience, we achieve the required result.

Buffer storage: just-in-time delivery

In various processes, waiting times can quickly occur without efficient buffer storage. Buffer storage prevents downtimes and ensures that components are fed into the process just-in-time. Based on a blanket order, you define your required buffer quantity, which should then be available from us at short notice. We inform you on time considering the current procurement situation about the renewal of the blanket order. TRI-MATIC offers buffer solutions for your industry and application, so that the best possible supply readiness becomes reality.

Quality control: Monitor, optimise

The biggest challenge for an assembly is to deliver consistent quality. The increasing quality demands of customers make comprehensive quality control an indispensable production step. With an actively practised organisation management system according to ISO 9001, we always monitor and optimise our production processes. In this way, we detect defects at an early stage with proven processes through visual inspection and automated procedures.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms our quality management at a high level. Our customers can rely on us to work conscientiously and take their needs seriously. Reliability and precision are our top priorities. We have the highest standards for ourselves and are constantly improving our assembly processes. We live and breathe quality management every day in order to deliver the desired performance and quality as efficiently as possible.

Contact us by phone on +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or by e-mail at if you need assembly of components and assemblies in industrial automation. In our assemblies you will find an excerpt from simple to complex applications.

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The advantages at a glance

That's why a partnership with TRI-MATIC in industrial automation is worthwhile:

Robust, safe and reliable safety components

Wide variety of products and shapes in the range with extensive accessories

Reduced assembly time of components due to factory pre-settings

Products that guarantee occupational safety for man and machine

Extension of the service life of machines and processes

Worldwide network of sales partners with high quality service and support