Longer and flawless service life of filtration systems at DrM, Dr. Mueller AG thanks to customised assemblies

The assemblies and valves from TRI-MATIC switch the various necessary process steps in the filtration process of DrM, Dr. Mueller AG for a pure filtrate as the end product.

DrM, Dr. Mueller AG, develops, designs and manufactures filtration systems and vibratory mixers for solid and liquid separation in the process industry. Applications are widespread in many sectors, including the chemical industry, petrochemical, oil and gas processing, minerals and metal processing as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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Initial situation/Challenges for the customer

To size, validate and select process equipment for filtration processes, laboratory and pilot tests are indispensable bench tools. Complete tests must be carried out safely behind a glass pane to avoid coming into contact with the product.
For this purpose, DrM was allowed to produce a customised, automatic TSD pocket filter on a laboratory scale and a control panel. Assemblies and valves from TRI-MATIC are required for various process steps.


The laboratory and pilot tests provide important data on flow rate, pressure, filtrate quality, residual moisture, washing yield, filter aid requirements and other parameters. The knowledge gained is used for well-founded planning and specification of the production plants. 
Depending on the medium, other materials must be used due to resistance.

For the highly sophisticated, automated and closed filter systems, TRI-MATIC engineering was able to develop and produce complex assemblies that are adapted to the medium to be filtered. 
The TSD filter system from DrM, Dr. Mueller AG filters nanoparticles from a contaminated solvent so that the end product contains only the pure desired nanoparticles. The assemblies and valves from TRI-MATIC switch the various necessary process steps for a pure filtrate as the end product.

For Mr. Süsser from DrM it is clear: "With TRI-MATIC we have a partner at our side who competently advises us on the design of the components and flexibly manufactures assemblies tailored to us in high quality." Equally important are the fast support and the high flexibility in order to reliably meet the logistical deadlines and to successfully realise the projects.


Thanks to the TRI-MATIC assemblies matched to the medium to be filtered, the highly automated filter systems have a longer and flawless useful life and very low operating costs. They convince through quality and longevity. Mr. Süsser concludes: "TRI-MATIC is one of the most reliable partners as a supplier. I appreciate the personal contact."


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