Intelligent, electropneumatic positioner for assembly on pneum. actuators (HART).

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Data sheet TRI-POSITIONER COMPACT Operating instructions

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Intelligent, electropneumatic positioner for assembly on pneum. actuators (HART).

  • ATEX

Data sheet TRI-POSITIONER COMPACT Operating instructions

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Technical data

For 90° rotary actuators DA or SR

Input signal:

4 - 20 mA

Air supply:

Max. 6 bar (optionally up to 10 bar)
According to ISO 8573-1

Working temperature:

-40° C to + 80° C



El. connection:

Cable gland M20x1.5


Input safety according to ATEX/IECEx 
(optionally as INMETRO, NEPSI, PESO, CNS, EAC, KCs, TIIS)

Pneumatic connections:

G ¼“ (optionally ¼ NPT)


According to  NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845


Aluminum (alloy no. 230)




- With HART 7 communication
- Explosion protection: Intrinsic Safety Ex i according to ATEX / IECEx
- Auto-start with self-calibration
- Self diagnostics, status and diagnostic messages
- Easy local operation with rotary pushbutton
- Extra-large Multi-Lingual full text graphical LCD


- Connection block with pressure gauges
- Version with extended diagnostics and 4-20 mA feedback (AD model)
- Version with remote mounting available
- Version for linear actuators








max. flow



Air consumption



Electropneumatic positioner DOUBLE ACTING DA


5000 Nl/h

335 Nl/h


Electropneumatic positioner SPRING RETURN SR


7000 Nl/h

250 Nl/h

*Incl. mounting bracket and entrainer for TD 0.5 - TD 8

Precise position control with electropneumatic positioners

Electropneumatic positioners for rotary and actuating drives enable precise position control and therefore improved accuracy in automation. Thanks to this technology, the operation of rotary actuators on valves, butterfly valves and ball valves is controlled flexibly and precisely. This leads to optimised production output and increased efficiency in industrial processes.

The major advantage of electropneumatic positioners is the combination of electrical control and pneumatic actuator. This means that every movement is precisely controlled, which is particularly important in applications with high positioning accuracy requirements.

The positioners are equipped with automatic self-calibration and self-diagnosis and HART-7 communication as standard. The continuous position and status monitoring of the mounted valve is continuously reported to the process control system. The operating status and the current position of the valve are displayed in real time. Versions with explosion protection in accordance with ATEX/IECEx are also available.

Valves, butterfly valves and ball valves with pneumatic actuator and mounted electro-pneumatic positioner are used in many industries:

  1. chemical and process industry: Electropneumatic systems are used to control various process components in plants in the chemical and process-based industry. This ensures safe and efficient handling of chemical substances with simultaneous position feedback.
  2. mechanical and plant engineering: In mechanical and plant engineering, electropneumatic positioners are often used in combination with pneumatically driven flaps and ball valves.
  3. food industry: Processes such as mixing, shutting off and distributing liquids can be automated for food production with electropneumatic systems.

The advantages of the TRI-Positioner Compact positioner

The TRI-Positioner Compact positioner offers an efficient way of connecting the normal open/close function of a pneumatic actuator to an electronic process control system. This offers many advantages:

  • increased productivity
  • precise control of movements
  • precise control or dosing
  • improved accuracy in automation
  • simple operation and commissioning
  • reduction in total cost of ownership

The TRI-Positioner Compact can also be used to retrofit existing pneumatically actuated valves or retrofit existing systems.

Benefit from the intelligent, electro-pneumatic positioners for precise position control. Contact us by phone at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or write to us at for comprehensive advice from our experts.


What does an electropneumatic positioner do?

Intelligent positioners work electropneumatically. Compressed air is used as the auxiliary energy. Valves, butterfly valves and ball valves with a pneumatic actuator and a mounted electropneumatic positioner control and monitor the valve position and the control signal precisely and accurately.

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