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Open and close with the TRI-MATIC flap valves

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Open and close with the TRI-MATIC flap valves

A flap valve or butterfly valve consists of a narrow housing in which a replaceable elastomer seal is inserted. A plate or disc rotates the butterfly valve open and closed with a 90° rotary movement. Depending on the design of the butterfly valve, operating pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 180°C can be shut off. For high demands on chemical resistance and hygiene, the butterfly valve is upgraded with a PTFE seal. The compact design and low weight, even with large nominal diameters, is a great advantage in pipeline construction.

Flap valves are suitable for clean and slightly contaminated, neutral and aggressive media or compressed air and gases. This includes many industrial applications, especially in water and drinking water treatment such as in waterworks and sewage treatment plants. Flap valves with PFA-coated discs and disks or made of polished stainless steel offer further applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in the food sector.

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