Fittings that offer you maximum safety and reliability

Fittings that offer you maximum safety and reliability

Today, it is impossible to imagine the process industry without industrial valves and fittings. Valves and fittings are essential components in piping systems for various media such as compressed air, (drinking) water, oil, gases and other fluids. By opening, closing, shutting off, controlling or regulating, the flow of liquids or gases is influenced. With the help of a setpoint, the valve monitors the flow in control mode. Or the valve takes over the pure open/close control and moves to the respective end position.

Our wide range of standard products includes valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, needle valves, check valves, sleeve valves and strainers. Depending on the type of actuation, we offer manually operated, electrically and pneumatically driven rotary and modulating actuators together with peripherals such as control and pilot valves, switch boxes, positioners, hoses and fittings. Our entire product range is modular in design and enables flexible solutions.

TRI-MATIC valves are used worldwide in many different fields of application: as power plant, heating, gas and foodstuff valves as well as in process engineering and process automation and in machine, plant and apparatus construction. Every industrial valve fulfils the current regulations in industrial automation and works ecologically efficiently.

Benefit from valves that offer you maximum safety and reliability. In this way, you can optimise your processes and improve your economic efficiency.

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