Fixed-pressure regulator for pneumatic tools with internal and external thread


Protect your tool against pressure manipulation - with the new CartReg®!

Watch the video to learn more about the new CartReg® - our preset pressure reducer for pneumatic tools or blow guns. If you prefer reading rather than listening, activate the subtitles in German, French or English.

CAD Files [STEP]

TRI-Art.-No.ThreadOutlet pressure
17227411/4 BSP2 bar max.
17226901/4 BSP2 bar
17227301/4 BSP3 bar
17227311/4 BSP4 bar
17227321/4 BSP6 bar
17227331/4 BSP8 bar
TRI-Art.-No.ThreadOutlet pressure
17227421/4 NPT29 PSI
17227261/4 NPT30 PSI
17227341/4 NPT45 PSI
17227361/4 NPT60 PSI
17227371/4 NPT90 PSI
17227381/4 NPT120 PSI



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