Time-consuming pre-assembly of switch cabinets for water-polluting liquids

AWU Systems and environmental technology uses control cabinets to regulate discharge processes for industrial waste water and water-polluting liquids. To ensure that the assembly of the control cabinets does not tie up too many of AWU's resources, TRI-MATIC is commissioned with the time-consuming pre-assembly.

AWU Systems and environmental technology has been providing consulting and planning services for overall wastewater concepts throughout Switzerland since 2005. This includes wastewater pre-treatment, petrol station drainage, rainwater utilisation and disposal as well as biological recycling processes for water recovery. AWU also specialises in the maintenance of all types of wastewater treatment plants.

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Initial situation/Challenges for the customer

AWU Systems and environmental technology needs control cabinets for the fully automatic operation of its wastewater treatment and retention plants.

Wherever water-polluting liquids such as AdBlue, methanol or ethanol are delivered and handled, the general average cabinet is used. The components in the emergency cabinet are used to close the sewerage system, open the retention tank with compressed air and monitor the gate valve. The discharge is then released and the level in the retention tank is checked.

The time-consuming assembly of the control cabinets was previously carried out by our own technicians. For a company with around 10 employees such as AWU Systems and environmental technology, this meant a major loss of time, as the technicians no longer had enough time for their core activities on site at the customer's premises.

AWU Systems and environmental technology was therefore looking for a reliable partner who could pre-assemble the control cabinets from the individual components according to their specifications and requirements.


Individual pneumatic components for the control cabinet had already been supplied by TRI-MATIC. This meant that the pre-assembly of the control cabinets could be realised quickly as an additional service. A fully equipped control cabinet from AWU Systems and environmental technology served as a template for the assembly of a sample cabinet manufactured by TRI-MATIC.

After its acceptance by AWU, series production could begin. Five cabinets are each equipped by TRI-MATIC with a solenoid valve, bit miniature controller, pressure gauge, pressure switch and a solenoid coil as well as various fittings and cable guides. The cabinets are then delivered to an electrician's training centre for final assembly, where the electrical components are installed and wired.

Thanks to the framework order, a control cabinet is always available from stock and the proximity between AWU and TRI-MATIC ensures a short delivery time.

For Lukas Honegger, project manager at AWU, one thing is clear: "Thanks to the precise assembly, all the control cabinets are always the same, all the holes are always in exactly the same place and the components inside the cabinet are always assembled in the same way. And with just one supplier, the effort involved in procurement and stock management is now much simpler."


By outsourcing the time-consuming assembly of the control cabinets, the technicians have more time to carry out their core activities on site at the customer's premises and fulfil customer requirements. To summarise, AWU saves around 6 hours per control cabinet, which is a huge saving for the company.